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Who we are

We are a non-profit association consisting of 11 organizations; bringing together more than 10,337 smallholder coffee producers in Nicaragua.

Our organisations represent 24% of the smallholder coffee producers in Nicaragua and a considerable percentage of the national production and coffee exports. All of our member organizations have the Fairtrade label and a large part of the organic-certified coffee in Nicaragua comes from Cafenica’s member organizations.

Our Mission

To promote the development of member cooperatives: to strengthen their institutional capacity; position themselves successfully in the coffee market; and represent and be advocates in policies relating to the smallholder coffee sector; with processes that ensure participation, gender equity, transparency, quality and sustainability.

Our Vision

Cafenica is a sustainable, efficient, transparent organisation with gender equity. Cafenica is a leader in the representation and advocacy of the interests of smallholder and medium- holder coffee producers, in the promotion and marketing of Nicaraguan coffee and in the integrations of quality control in all the production and processing stages.